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Mitron App : Who developed Mitron App? Is Mitron App Indian?

Mitron App logo

As we all know these days an app is gaining so much attention. This app is downloaded by 50 lakhs people in a short span of time.Mitron App, yes you heard it right. Mitron App is gaining popularity these days because of YouTube vs Tiktok controversary in India.

Mitron App

What is Mitron App? Is it secure?

Mitron App is an alternative of chinese short video making App TikTok. Peoples are uninstalling TikTok and Intsalling Mitron App, Why?

They are thinking that this app is developed by Indian developers. But this app is not developed by Indian developers. Instead it is developed by a Pakistani Software Development Company, Qboxus. So what Qboxus do, they make the clones of the trending apps like Badoo, Tinder, TikTok, etc. After developing the clone of these trending apps Qboxus sell codes of these clone apps on CodeCanyon.

It’s real name is tictic. An Indian Developer purchased it from a Pakistani Software Development company, Qboxus. It is purchased through Codecanyon website in 34$ or 2500 INR. Later, he changed the name of the app from tictic to Mitron App. Developer changed the logo of this application and published it on Google Play. Then this app gone viral in India and in a very small period it gets downloaded by 50 Lakh peoples.

Qboxus, founder Irfan Shaikh’s interview with news 18

Irfan Shaikh, founder and CEO of Qboxus told news18 ” We expect that our customer should make something of their own by using our script or code. But the developer of Mitron App purchase our product and changed its logo and published it on play store. There is no problem in doing this because he paid for the app and now he can make any changes to the application. But the problem is that peoples’s calling it an Indian App which is not a right thing”.Irfan further added ”

Our company’s main goal is to make clones of trending apps and sell the code of these apps on codecanyon”.He further explained that ” When company will make updates in applicaton, now it depends upon developer if he want that update or not”.Qboxus have many Indian customers like kidstock and hottocks. These apps are available on Google Play Store.

Is Mitron App secure?

In a recent Interview, Satyajit Sinha, cybersecurity researcher told Indian Express that ” It is very risky to use Mitron App because it has no security or we can say that it has no additional firewall.There is a huge risk of data and privacy policy of this app is weak”.

He further explained that ” In an upcoming update it may be possible that company may add malware in it. Company can do any possible thing to the user’s privacy”. He further added ” App who asks for camera, microphone and location access comes with a huge risk. If we give access to those apps then they can monitor us 24*7.

He suggested that Google should make some rules and regulation that should be followed by every developer, before publishing an app.There are many vulnerability in Mitron App, that is why the account of every user is on huge risk. This app does not use SSL(Secure Socket Layer) which support login process. An attacker can gain access to victims profile and can message, comment on other user’s profile.

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